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Adb Safety and Training Ltd

EUSR - Safe Control of Mains Connections (SCMC) Senior Competent Person

Course overview

This course has strict criteria for eligibility as all learners must hold current registrations in both EUSR National Water Hygiene and EUSR SHEA Water

A job role must be specified by an authorised signatory of the Water Company or Self Lay Organisation (SLO), this must be registered with Lloyds Register.

What you will learn on the course

  • The scope of the connections that can be made.
  • The various roles that are involved in the process and the relationship between them.
  • The role of the regulators within the process.
  • What accreditations are needed for the various roles.
  • What applications need to be made to plan the job.
  • The content of the Work package.
  • The specific details of the job including the different connection types.
  • The considerations needed when carrying out the role.
  • What to do if something goes wrong.
  • What information needs to be provided to the Water Company once the connection is complete.
  • Completion of relevant paperwork.

How is this training delivered?

  • The training is predominately delivered in the classroom, is fully interactive with a multiple choice question paper requiring a 20% pass rate