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Adb Safety and Training Ltd

On-site Experienced Worker

Practical Assessments

Trained and experienced operatives on site ?

When did they last receive their accreditation ?

Are operatives on site following approved codes of practises ?

We carry out experienced worker assessments (in a controlled environment), in the following categories:

  • Underground cable and pipe avoidance (Practical application)
  • Excavator Banksman (Practical application)
  • Safe use of cut off saws including Abrasive Wheel updates
  • Fusion techniques (Butt and or Electro - Practical application)
  • Street works (practical application)
(outside the scope of the street works theory reassessment, but compliments it)
  • Manual Handling (practical application)

Those experienced operatives being assessed will receive a pre assessment briefing identifying arrangements and assessment requirements. Evidence may be required to prove previous qualification

The candidate will need to demonstrate previous knowledge through verbal explanation

As this is an assessment for experienced workers only, there is no formal training involved, however, some coaching may be available outside of the assessment time

To book , please contact Aidan below 

01173 048884

or alternatively

[email protected]