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Adb Safety and Training Ltd

HSE Fees for Intervention

( FFI )

1st October 2012 HSE Introduced the Fee for Intervention (FFI)

The Health and Safety Executive has commenced its "Fee for intervention" (FFI). This means that from that date, it will be able to recover the cost of health and safety investigations from employers who break health and safety law.

Further information is available in "Guidance on the application of Fee for Intervention (FFI)" (June 2012).

It looks at

- what FFI is

- who FFI applies to

- exemptions to FFI

The guidance defines what a "material breach" is as well as:

- the level of the fee (at

October 2012 it will be £124

per hour)

- what the fee covers

- the cost of third party

involvement (such as work by

the Health and Safety

Labs or professional

divisions) will be recovered

at full cost

- the situation where there is a

breach by multiple duty


- administrative and financial


- disputes and repayments

The Link below leads you to the guidance provided by HSE