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Adb Safety and Training Ltd



Adb Safety and Training offer a professional and competitive

qualitative Face Fitting service

Face fitting dust masks or any other type of RPE is a legal requirement and is one essential element that is often missed out by employers when issuing their employees with this type of protective equipment.

Another requirement is recording the type, make and model for which the individual has been fit tested.

The suitability of one type of FFP3 mask to one individual may not fit another due to facial characteristics, irrespective of cost and branding.

The HSE are currently visiting sites nationally as part of a campaign to monitor safe working practices within the Construction and Utilities industry. These visits have been highly publicised in the media and to industry as a whole. Part of the inspection regime includes monitoring and ensuring that the correct use of PPE is provided and worn, in particular RPE ( Respiratory Protective Equipment), this includes teams who are employed in cutting concrete blocks, sections, road and pavement surfaces with a disc-cutter, even when water is being used to suppress the dust.

Where RPE has been issued and being used by operatives, the question of whether individuals have been face fitted to the type and make of mask used is being raised, in addition evidence of testing by a competent person to back that up needs to be evidenced

Fees for intervention, improvement and prohibition notices for non-compliances are being raised as a result of these visits

Adb Safety and Training offer a competitive Face fitting service to assist companies in ensuring that the correct fitting RPE is issued to their workforce individuals

HSE’s publication “Time to Clear the Air” will provide you additional information on requirements - click on the link below