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Adb Safety and Training Ltd

 EUSR Endorsed

Electro Fusion Techniques (Couplings / Saddles)


Experienced operators assessments in line with requirements set out with Network construction operations providing service and mains layers the skills to join polyethylene pipe and install fittings safely using electro fusion techniques.

It is envisaged that the majority of candidates would already be experienced in fusion techniques, with this in mind the Assessment venue would ordinarily be on site on a working area, (in an area set aside for training and assessment purposes)

To establish previous experience all candidates will go through a Knowledge Analysis Profile prior to training commencing   

  • To state the essential elements required to make successful joints using Electro Fusion methods.
  • To demonstrate the ability to join PE pipes together in line with industry standards.
  • To correctly set up Electro Fusion equipment ready for operation.
  • To demonstrate the ability to use Electro Fusion equipment.
  • To apply a level of quality assurance to completed joints.
  • To carry out the Electro Fusion process in accordance with Health and Safety requirements.

How is this training delivered?

  • Theory is delivered in a class
  • room environment but there is an emphasis on hands on practical application of skills to joint pipe.
  • Successful completion of the assessment will merit the qualification to be registered and endorsed on the operatives current EUSR Card

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Candidates should bring safety boots and safety glasses, overalls and working gloves.