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Adb Safety and Training Ltd

Avoidance of underground services

(EUSR HSG 47) or EUSR Safe Dig  

Who should attend

This 1/2 day course is designed for anyone working on excavations in the carriageway, footway or private land.


To provide candidates with an underpinning knowledge and the practical skills to avoid damage and subsequent injury whilst excavating in the highway, footway or private land.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training event delegates will be able to:

• Explain basic requirements of HSG 47 (avoiding

underground plant and services)

• Underground plant identification

• Theoretical and practical applications of cable

avoidance devices

Course Method

Classroom with the use of power point, handouts and videos. Confirmation of learning is assessed by multiple choice questionnaires.


To increase safety awareness and reduce injuries and damage as a consequence of coming into contact with underground plant.


1/2 day

Qualification - EUSR Endorsement

HSG47 Avoiding Danger from underground services on EUSR card